A novel combined ECT/MIT sensor for controlled continuous steel casting

Fellow: Imamul Muttakin (ESR 12)

Host: University of Bath (UK)

Main Supervisor: Prof. Manuch Soleimani


Continuous casting is an important process within the steel manufacturing process. This project aims at developing a metal flow imaging in continuous casting. The flow regime and phase distribution in the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) is decisive for the behaviour of argon bubbles and induced turbulence and buoyancy in the mould. Measurement of such has not yet been achieved and needs a combined tomographic imaging approach because there is no unique measurement technique that can resolve the outer interface as well as small and fast bubbles in the liquid metal bulk with sufficient accuracy. Both Magnetic induction tomography (MIT) and Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) have great potential for such an application, and in particular their combination. The work comprises fundamental scientific analyses, engineering design and technical demonstration together with groups at HZDR, Liberec, Delft and different industry partners.

Research Activities / Objectives:

  • Development of a robust MIT/ECT sensor for combined measurement of interface and bubble distribution in submerged entry nozzle flow
  • Combining CIFT and MIT/ECT sensor for the control loop
  • Database of SEN flow data for a variety of process parameters for CFD validation
  • Demonstration and performance analysis of the sensor at the SEN