Scientific Topics

Advanced automation and control of production processes play a pivotal role in keeping the European economy competitive. While costly process equipment and production lines can be seen as the heart of industrial production, control systems and information technology are its brain. They provide the flexibility to quickly adjust production processes to changing customer demands and assure safety and efficiency at lowest possible resource and energy costs. Hence, the development and application of advanced process control is one of the most effective levers for immediate and long term gross energy savings, improved product quality, enhanced process safety and higher production flexibility.

The TOMOCON network joins 12 international academic institutions and 15 industry partners across the fields of process sensors and tomography, information technology, industrial control and process engineering. Research and training is carried out through 15 ESR projects and combines experimental and theoretical studies to generate a deeper understanding and reliable scientific knowledge in the field across different disciplines. Research and development is organized in three fields, namely

Moreover, we implement new knowledge in for industry-relevant applications, that is

1.  Tomography-controlled inline fluid separation
2. Tomography-controlled microwave drying
3. Tomography-controlled continuous casting, and
4.Tomography-controlled batch crystallization.