ESR 12: Imamul Muttakin

Research Interests:

  • Electrical tomography
  • Sensor and transducer
  • Test and measurement
  • Biomedical instrumentation

Education & past experience:

  • Master of Engineering (Biomedical) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Internship at Indonesian Institute of Sciences
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) at Bandung Institute of Technology

Journal Articles:

I. Glavinić, I. Muttakin, S. Abouelazayem, A. Blishchik, F. Stefani, S. Eckert, M. Soleimani, I. Saidani, J. Hlava, S. Kenjereš, T. Wondrak, Laboratory Investigation of Tomography-Controlled Continuous Steel Casting. MDPI Sensors, Special Issue “Tomographic Sensors for Industrial Process Control”, 22/6, 2195 (2022).

I. Muttakin, M. Soleimani, Interior Void Classification in Liquid Metal using Multi-Frequency Magnetic Induction Tomography with a Machine Learning Approach. IEEE Sensors Journal, 21/10, 23289-23296 (2021).

I. Muttakin, M. Soleimani, Noninvasive Conductivity and Temperature Sensing Using Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 70, 1-11 (2020).

I. Muttakin, T. Wondrak, M. Soleimani, Magnetic Induction Tomography Sensors for Quantitative Visualization of Liquid Metal Flow Shape. IEEE Sensors Letters, 4/7, 1-4 (2020).

I. Muttakin, M. Soleimani, Magnetic Induction Tomography Spectroscopy for Structural and Functional Characterization in Metallic Materials. Materials, 13/11, 2639 (2020).

Presentations / Publications in Conference Proceedings:

I. Muttakin, M. Soleimani, Direct capacitance measurement for tomographic imaging of metallic objects. 9th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, 2-6 September 2018, Bath, UK.

Personal Interests:

  • Literature, History, Football