Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf


General description of the institution

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and conducts fundamental and applied research in the fields of Health, Energy, and Matter. Within eight institutes approximately 1,100 members of staff from over 50 nations work on research projects ranging from natural sciences to engineering.

Description of the institute

The Institute of Fluid Dynamics conducts research on sustainable, efficient and safe industrial processes and the future energy system. The institute is world leading in the field of multiphase and liquid metal flow analysis with experimental and theoretical methods as well as in-house developed advanced measurement techniques and numerical simulation tools.



  • Coordination & management of the project
  • Inline Fluid Separation & Wire-mesh sensors (ESR 1)
  • Continuous Casting + CIFT (ESR 2)
  • Demonstration Leader for “Tomography-controlled Continuous Metal Casting”
  • Kick-Off Meeting April 2018

Key Persons


Prof. Dr. Uwe Hampel: TOMOCON Coordinator; Supervision of ESR 1; Co-supervision of ESR 4; Training of ESR 1, ESR 4 and ESR 12 in process tomography and experimental fluid dynamics

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Eckert: Training of ESR 1 and ESR 2 in interface physics

Dr. Martina Bieberle: Training of ESR 1 and ESR 12 in image processing and inverse problems

Dr. Markus Schubert: Training of ESR 1 in multiphase processes

Dr. Gregory Lecrivain: Co-supervision of ESR 6; Training of ESR 5 and ESR 6 in direct numerical simulation of multiphase flows

Dr. André Bieberle: GPU Programming

Eckhard Schleicher: Training of ESR 1 in wire-mesh sensor technology

Susann Riedel: Project management & administration

Benjamin Sahovic: ESR 1, Project: Wire-mesh sensor for inline fluid separation and electrostatic emulsion breaking




Dr. Thomas Wondrak: DEMO-3 Leader; Supervision of ESR 2; Training of ESR 5 and ESR 12 in liquid metal measurement techniques

Klaus Timmel: Mini-LIMMCAST

Matthias Ratajczak: CIFT

Frank Stefani: Inductive measurement

Ivan Glavinić: ESR 2, Project: New concepts for control in continuous casting using electrical and magnetic tomography

Sven Eckert: Head of department