Tata Steel


General description of the company

Tata Steel is the second largest steel maker in Europe, with operations in the UK and mainland Europe. The technology centres in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are part of the research and development organisation for the business units that supply strip products for the construction, automotive, packaging, aerospace, engineering and energy markets worldwide. Tata Steel as a manufacturer of steel products is continuously engaged in improving processes and developing new steel products. In the global world of steel it is essential to keep at the forefront of developments to maintain a competitive edge.

Tata Steel Research & Development (R&D) in Europe comprises around 400 employees within its three core technology centres: IJmuiden in the Netherlands and Swansea and Warwick in the United Kingdom.

Based on the fully integrated steel production site in IJmuiden, the Process Modelling and Fluid Dynamics group (15 employees) supports innovation and development in ironmaking, steelmaking and casting, and coating processes. Key areas of expertise are: CFD modelling using commercial (ANSYS) and open source (OpenFOAM) software; experimental modelling lab using full scale and reduced scale water models; Finite Element Modelling of slab casting, slab transfer and reheating.



  • Industrial partner
  • Continuous casting; CFD and experimental modelling
  • Summer school lecturer
  • Company visit
  • Co-supervising ESR 5; Hosting ESRs 2, 5, 12

Key Persons





Dirk van der Plas: Leader of Process Modelling and Fluid Dynamics group; Expertise in continuous casting

Dr. Daniël van Odyck: CFD modelling of continuous casting process using OpenFoam; Co-supervisor ESR 5

Sjaak van Oord: Experimental modelling of continuous casting process using UDV, PIV/LDA and digital imaging