Ultrasound tomography for control of batch crystallization

Fellow: Panagiotis Koulountzios (ESR 13)

Host: University of Bath (UK)

Main Supervisor: Prof. Manuch Soleimani


Ultrasound tomography (UST) has a potential to be a tool to monitor the progress of batch crystallization. It is already known from so-called ultrasound turbidity sensors for suspensions. However, UST needs more development to achieve that level and has not been demonstrated. A crucial fact is penetration depth for given particle concentrations which must be investigated. This project focuses on UST image reconstruction and its application and demonstration in the crystallization process. And acoustic field modelling is needed for forward problems and inversion techniques for UST image reconstruction in a various UST imaging mode. Particular demonstrations are aimed at ultrasound reflection tomography mode for solidification process.

Research Activities / Objectives:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of sound propagation in crystal suspensions. Compare and analyse reflection and transmission mode tomography with LUT;
  • Design an appropriate multi-beam UST tomography array;
  • Prove feasibility of a spatially resolved crystal size measurement using UST reconstruction;
  • Evaluate clamp-on technology options with DuPont and Sulzer.