Netrix S.A.

General description of the company

NETRIX specializes in ICT systems and R&D solutions, operating since 2002. The company provides complex systems and implementation of IT software, develops applications for analysis and image reconstruction and prepares a solution of production systems and monitoring applications. NETRIX Research and Development Centre focuses on designing complex systems using Electrical Tomography (both software and hardware) and numerical algorithms (topological methods, artificial intelligence, gradient methods). NETRIX has the following certifications: EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004 (field: Research and Development).


  • Industrial partner
  • Ultrasound tomography (ESR 13)
  • Cooperation ECT (ESR 7, ESR 14)
  • ERT, Topological Algorithms – training
  • 1st TOMOCON International Summer School

Key Persons


Dr. Tomasz Rymarczyk: Industrial Co-supervisor ESR 13; Training (ESR 13, ESR 14) in electrical tomography methods and data analysis, topological algorithms, system programming and implementation

Dr. Przemysław Adamkiewicz: Training (ESR 7, ESR 13, ESR 14) in electrical tomography solutions

Prof. Jan Sikora: Training (ESR 7, ESR 13, ESR 14) in theory of electrical tomography, FEM, BEM, forward and inverse problems

Ing. Jakub Szumowski: Training (ESR 7, ESR 13, ESR 14) in ECT systems

Paweł Tchórzewski, Phd: Training (ESR 7, ESR 13, ESR 14) in image reconstruction and inverse problems