ESR 13: Panagiotis Koulountzios

Research Interests:

  • Tomography
  • Signal / Image Processing
  • Data science
  • Computational Geometry
  • Simulation modelling
  • Ultrasound physics modelling

Education & past experience:

  • M.Eng. in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Technical University of Crete)
  • Internship IT Support, Cretan Electronics A.E., Greece 2013-2014. Working in the fields of telecommunication and electronics.
  • Working with Geomiso team from September 2014 until February 2016. Developing the database project of Geomiso software.
  • Reviewer at Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (BSPC) Journal, Elsevier. Having reviewed articles focused on image segmentation, 3D reconstruction of vascular structures and ECG (electrocardiograph) signals’ analysis and classification.
  • Being a member of Digital Image / Signal Processing Lab (DISPLAY) of Technical University of Crete, 2016-2017, for completing my thesis, writing a paper and a research proposal based on the novelty of my research for European Fundings for Research and Development.

Journal Articles:

P. Koulountzios, T. Rymarczyk, M. Soleimani, A Triple-Modality Ultrasound Computed Tomography Based on Full-Waveform Data for Industrial Processes. IEEE Sensors Journal, 21/18, 20896-20909 (2021).

P. Koulountzios, T. Rymarczyk, M. Soleimani, Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Computed Tomography for Investigation of Batch Crystallisation Processes. MDPI Sensors, 21/2, 639 (2021).

X. Duan, P. Koulountzios, M. Soleimani, Dual Modality EIT-UTT for Water Dominate Three-Phase Material Imaging. IEEE Access, 8, 14523-14530 (2020).

P. Koulountzios, T. Rymarczyk, M. Soleimani, A Quantitative Ultrasonic Travel-Time Tomography to Investigate Liquid Elaborations in Industrial Processes. MDPI Sensors, 19/23, 5117 (2019).

Presentations / Publications in Conference Proceedings:

P. Koulountzios, T. Rymarczyk, M. Soleimani, Ultrasonic Tomography for automated material inspection in liquid masses. 9th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, 2-6 September 2018, Bath, UK.

Personal Interests:

  • Listening to music, Working out, Music Studies in classic guitar, Computer Science, Programming