Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (UTFPR)


General description of the Institution

The Federal University of Technology – Parana (UTFPR) is a public institution, owned by the Brazilian federal government located in the south of Brazil. It is the only University of Technology in Brazil and the largest one offering Engineering Programs. Currently UTFPR employs around 3,000 staff members and educates 30,000 students.
The university’s main focus is in engineering and applied sciences areas.

Description of the Institute

The Multiphase Flow Research Center – NUEM (Nucleo de Escoamento Multifásicos) has 10+ years’ experience in conducting research and development for the Oil & Gas sector with continuous and growing funding from industry. NUEM is one of the leading institutions in Brazil in the research area of multiphase flows, working in modelling, experimentation and sensors development. NUEM is also linked to the UTFPR’s Graduate Programs in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, being involved in the education and training of graduate students.



  • Associate Partner
  • Inline Fluid Separation & WMS/ECT (ESR 10)

Key Persons





Prof. Dr. Marco Jose da Silva: Co-supervision of ESR 10; Training of ESR 10 in measurement techniques (including tomography) for monitoring multiphase flows




Prof. Dr. Rigoberto E. M. Morales:
Training of ESR 10 in multiphase flow physics