Wire-mesh sensor for inline fluid separation and electrostatic emulsion breaking

Fellow: Benjamin Sahovic (ESR 1)

Host: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany)

Main Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Uwe Hampel


Inline fluid separation is an efficient way to split fluid mixtures via density-based centrifugal separation in a pipe. The PhD candidate shall develop wire-mesh imaging sensor technology towards integration into control of inline fluid separation systems. This comprises the development of integrated and robust sensor front-ends as well as fast data processing software with implementation on real-time GPU systems. Special focus will be given to the detection and characterization of emulsions in liquid-liquid flows and electrostatic actuation to break such emulsions. The work comprises fundamental scientific analyses, engineering design and technical demonstration together with groups at the universities Delft, Toulouse and Lodz and different industry partners.

Research Activities / Objectives:

  • Derive a conceptual sensor design (topology, construction, materials)
  • Develop algorithms for parameter extraction on a smart GPU mini-computer
  • Characterize the WMS and determine its accuracy at industrial test facility (CERG) and by in-house cross-comparison with fast X-ray tomography
  • Demonstrate first-ever dynamic 1000 Hz emulsion characterization
  • Demonstrate electrostatic field actuation for emulsion breaking
  • Demonstrate full functionality of controlled inline fluid separation at DISE facility