Delft University of Technology

General description of the Institution

Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest university of Technology in The Netherlands. It is a research university with 3,000 PhD students and 22,000 BSc & MSc students.
It comprises 8 faculties: Aerospace Engineering, Applied Sciences, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geo-Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Industrial Design, Technical Management Policies.

Description of the institute

The Department of Chemical Engineering is one of the departments of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Its mission is to generate knowledge and educate people in the area of nano chemical engineering to improve the quality of life for a sustainable society, focusing on energy, water, health and environment. Building upon its proven strength in Chemical Engineering, the Department develops the science and technology of functional nanostructured systems, from molecules up to the design of products and processes. Scientific and technological breakthroughs are attained through international and multidisciplinary teamwork. Our inspiring and adventurous environment facilitates growth of our students and employees as responsible and innovative personalities.


  • Process Modelling, Metal Casting (WP 3, ESR 5)
  • Tomography-controlled Inline Fluid Separation (WP 5, ESR 4)

Key Persons





Prof. Dr. R. F. Mudde: Multiphase flow: Modelling and advanced experiments (WP 5)

Dr. L. M. Portela: Multiphase flow: Modelling and CFD (WP 5)

Dr. S. Kenjeres: Magneto-hydrodynamics (WP 3)

Matheus Garcia: ESR 4, Project: Optimized controlled inline fluid separation

Artem Blishchik: ESR 5, Project: Advanced simulation of liquid melt flows in controlled continuous casting