Human-Computer Interaction with Application on Industrial Tomography

Fellow: Yuchong Zhang (ESR 3)

Host: Chalmers University of Technlogy (Sweden)

Main Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Morten Fjeld


Process tomography images and data come with a high sampling rate and encode complex information. Hence, they are often quite inapprehensible for human perception. On the other hand, the human senses and mind will not be banished from production but stay integrated with its valuable expert knowledge to guarantee safety, knowledge-based control and reasoning as well as intervention in critical states. Integration of non-formal knowledge and presentation of complex image and tomography data to human perception are challenges. The ESR 3 project will deal with the question of how to present process data from tomography in time and space to human operator and how to optimize the machine interface for such data.

Research Activities / Objectives:

  • Develop a novel methodology based on image data reduction and perceptual visualization to present process information to operators
  • Select and evaluate suitable visualization tools, formats and architectures
  • Develop concepts for multi-parametric and multimodal data visualization of different tomographic modalities
  • Demonstrate the efficacy of this approach within TOMOCON for microwave drying processes