General description of the company

Frames Separation Technologies is a family member of the Frames Group and is specialized in separation systems and solutions. We offer a full range of equipment, ranging from internals only to complete skids and modules. We design and supply the entire separation train, consisting of Multiphase Bulk Separation, Compact (Inline) Separation, Gas Separation, Electrostatic Coalescers and Produced Water Treatment. These systems and solutions are needful to separate the produced crude oil from gas, water, salts and other contaminants. After bulk separation, the gas is further treated in gas scrubbers. The crude oil may contain water and salt that needs to be removed. Electrostatic Coaslecers (also referred to as Desalter – Dehydrator) are therefore needed. The Produced Water Treatment package reduces the oil content in water, prior to discharge or reinjection.


  • Associate Partner
  • Industrial Co-supervisor ESR 4

Key Persons





Ir. Johanna Bos: Industrial Co-supervisor ESR 4