General description of the company

CERG is a research and test center specialized in Fluid Mechanics. More than just hydraulic engineering, CERG is a specialist in Fluid mechanics offering its research, test, expertise and training services to all sectors of industry. More than 100 tests facilities distributed over 4,000m2, 10 MW power and up to 8 m3/s make CERG a unique center in Europe. CERG’s cores values are innovation, developing new processes and reinventing hydraulics. With expertise garnered over half a century, CERG is the ideal partner to help you with equipment and process development.

CERG is involved in many markets and particularly in the Oil&Gas market. CERG also offers a wide range of services, from first study or preliminary draft until the final qualification :

  • Equipment testing & qualification: We perform tests on the main components existing from upstream to downstream (pumps, valves, piping, surf equipments, booster, underwater equipments…).
  • Study and process optimization: Our advantage is our ability to provide multiple solutions to our client’s problems: Means employed may be experimental and/or numerical, depending on the needs.
  • Tests on prototypes: Our hydrocarbon lab allows us to perform tests in oil or crude oil in operating conditions close to the nominal. For over 25 years, we have developed systems for main companies in the oil industry.
  • Risk and impact management: We perform many expertises in order to validate accidents scenarios, terrorist attacks or natural disasters.
  • Innovative and R&D projects: CERG is involved in many R&D and innovative development projects. Our recognized expertise and significant resources allow us to achieve real size processes in order to reproduce complex physical phenomena such as multiphase flows. About 10% of the turnover is invested each year in collaborative research projects.



  • Technical advisors and Co-supervisors ESR 1

Key Persons





Dr. Robert Laborde: General Manager
Expert in fluid engineering and experimental fluid mechanics: Cavitation, free surface flows, multiphase flow, particles transport, LOCA testing of components





Sebastien Lautier: Sales Director
Management of the project and administrative tasks with the goal of establishing collaborations with the other partners